Water tanks made of polyethylene (Al Hussaini insulated tanks, 4 layers)

⦁Healthy Water Tank

Insulated water tanks, of four layers, are made of polyethylene that is approved for water storage from FDA and EU.

⦁Flexibility of Transportation and Installation

Al Hussaini tanks can be easily transported and installed. 

⦁The Highest Thickness

Al Hussaini tanks are featured with strength, solidness and high-thickness, so our tanks have longer useful life comparing to other tanks at market.

⦁The Finest Copper Connections

Al Hussaini tanks use the finest copper connections that are serrated from inside, which are installed on tank wall thermally; ensuring assured non-leakage of water.

⦁No Algae nor fungi

Whereas Al Hussaini tanks are capable of resisting UV at high temperatures, they resist also algae and fungi.

⦁ Tight Cover

The advantages of tank are completed with a tight cover that denies the access of dust and dirt.

⦁Do not waste your time searching for the best healthy tanks

Your time is precious. Do not waste it searching or attempting and suffering, then re-searching and attempting!
Select the means of safety and re-freshness, by choosing Al Hussaini tanks, which save money in a healthy mold.




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Capacity in liter : Length : Width : Height :
500 127 79 96
1000 157 103 118
1500 172 110 129
2000 195 130 142
2500 208 133 150
3000 220 150 161
4000 230 170 180
5000 250 180 190
Capacity in liters : Length : Diameter :
96 138 1000
126 155 1500
151 140 2000